Squadron – Appendix System


Our take on the complete appendix system.

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Weapon Light

Weapon Light

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Weapon Light *

Weapon Light

Weapon Light

Weapon Light

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Which Optic Are You Using?

Our answer to the “Sidecar style” appendix holster. Adding a mag carrier onto your holster has grown in popularity in recent years for a good reason. 

The mag is the biggest failure point on any modern firearm. If your mag goes down when you need it, you better have a backup.

The downside? Rigidity. They’re big holsters that trap heat (turning your crotch into South Texas in August), pinch your tender flesh, and don’t flex with your body.

We’ve paired an appendix holster with a deep-ride, canted mag carrier — but the systems aren’t connected. You can place them on your belt in whatever position fits your body. The Squadron doesn’t force you to adapt to it.

The Squadron moves with you. It allows your junk to breathe sweet, cooling air. And it smooths out the contours of your belt to provide better concealment than a pistol on its own.

The Squadron uses a wing to press your pistol’s grip into your abdomen, reducing printing lines on your shirt. And the mag carrier sports a Mag Retention Device (MRD) that allows it to accept a wider range of magazine sizes — and tailor the retention to your specific needs.

Take the next step in preparation with the Squadron Appendix System.

Buy with confidence — all Carey Concealment products come with a limited lifetime guarantee.


  1. Brett Lewis (verified owner)

    5 stars! Westin builds a solid holster for a fair price. I recently bought the “Squadron” appendix holster/mag carrier combo for my Shadow systems MR920 (glock 19 clone) and when we went to fit it, he didn’t feel that it lived up to his standards. So he remade me one by the next day. That is customer service and quality control! I’ve got nothing but great things to say about my new set up and his business standards. Thank you again Westin!

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