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Mobility and Retention Defined.


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The TSH is your next essential piece of kit.

Designed to be used with Mid-Drop platforms likes the Safariland UBL or Bladetech Duty Drop, the TSH will increase your gear’s ability in a few ways.

Mobility: With our single point mounting design, the TSH can rotate freely with your leg. When you Run, take a knee, or Larp in the basement, the TSH will pivot with your leg and thigh strap to maintain the security your holster needs, while dramatically increasing your mobility.

Comfort: There’s no need for a scientific explanation. The TSH moves your thigh strap further from your tender bits, which feels great. Additionally, when you maneuver into unconventional shooting positions, your thigh strap will pivot along with you, rather than hoisting your beef and franks into your beltline.

Security: With the TSH and a thigh strap installed, your holster will be a much more stable platform for your sidearm. With the extra support, you can afford to run more retention in your holster without fear of Holster Flip.

Make the swap, give your Jibblets a break, try the TSH.


  1. James Guilliam (verified owner)

    Just recieved it today shipping was decently fast, installed it in less than 10 minutes. A wonderful, cheap, durable solution to prevent your thigh strap from suffocating your klondikes. On top of that, it makes you slightly more mobile because the thigh strap now moves with your legs instead of being restrained to your holster. I installed it on a low ride safariland QLS system. There was also a handwritten “thank you” on my invoice which really just makes me feel like I supported a hard working, attention to detail company. My only suggestion as of right now is produce it in the color black. Which might not even be possible because its grey carbon fiber. I’m not knowledgable on the subject. Anyways 10/10 and I appreciate the smooth order.

    • Westin Carey

      Thanks for the review! The textile responsible for Tegris does in fact have a black option being tooled up, but its not available in the thickness the TSH requires. Hopefully soon!

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