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We want you to carry your firearm wherever you want, whenever you want. You can spend money on the best gear, mods, and training in the world — but your gun won’t do you any good if it’s sitting at home in your safe.

“It’s too uncomfortable to haul my gun around all day.”

That’s where we come in. A good belt and holster will change the way you think about carrying a firearm. You’ll run out of excuses not to wear it.


Day in, day out every day carry. Grueling competition in USPSA, IPSC, IDPA, 3Gun. Hiking, run-and-gun, concealed carry. Our holsters have proven themselves when seconds count.

Competitors, officers, and concealed carriers depend on our holsters every day. And they’ve never been disappointed.

We’re based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — the heart of gun country in America. Our holsters can take anything you throw at them and quietly perform for years on end.


You’ll feel secure when you carry with Carey Concealment. The whole point to carrying a firearm is safety. And we don’t compromise when it comes to our holsters.

Kydex doesn’t deform over time like nylon or leather. From the first draw to the 5,000th your trigger is safe inside a Carey Concealment shell.


We have the freedom to protect ourselves in America. Our friends. Our families.

We build holsters so you have access to the gear and knowledge to claim that freedom for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

When in doubt, email [email protected]

I don't See My Setup Listed

Each of our holsters have an individual CNC milled mold along with a matching trim Jig. There is a Vast amount of pistol/light combos, and we prioritize new offerings based on popularity. Its not a “No”, its a “Not Yet”

Which Holster Should I buy?

There are tons of variables when it comes to choosing the best holster for your application. Each of our holsters have an in depth description that will help you decide which is right for you. Additionally there are several videos in the product pages that give an overview of how each holster works.

What Is Your Lead Time?

Our Lead time has been fluctuating between 2-4 days of build time plus shipping. If you elect a “Local Pickup” option, it will typically be dropped off the same day it is completed.

Why cant I ship to a different Address?

Unfortunatley the world of Credit Card Fraud is thriving. The most common form of Fraud that threatens Carey Concealment is someone purchasing with one address, and shipping to another, then claiming the transaction was fraudulent and getting a refund, after the product has already been built and shipped. 

I Lost a Screw, Can I have a replacement ?

Yes, Email me at [email protected]

We leave our holsters free of thread lock so that you can adjust the holster to your needs. We STRONGLY reccommend that you use a mild thread locker or fingernail polish to secure your screws after you have found a setting you are happy with. 

Why are your holsters more expensive than others?

Our holsters use the highest quality material, tooling, and belt attachments on the market. With that quality comes a relative price increase over cheaper alternatives. Carey Concealment will never sell a product with hardware that is knowingly inferior to other offerings. Additionally we strive to source as much American Made products as possible. Currently only our screws are from over seas.

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