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Your competition holster needs to do three things.

  1. Keep your pistol safe.
  2. Keep your pistol accessible.
  3. Give you a lightning fast draw.

But when it comes to competition rigs, those three don’t always play well together. Custom competition holsters come with big price tags and even bigger lead times. Usually months of waiting. The worst part is when you invest the time and money — only for that fancy new holster to end up just as bad as the bucket you’ve been slogging through competitions for years.

Holsters rely on trigger guard retention to keep your blaster on your hip. But you’ve experienced the downsides. You draw, but the holster bites into the trigger guard and you get holster-flip. Holster-flip is seconds of precious time wasted battling your gear. Not just against the clock, but in dry-fire practice too.

So you bottom out the retention screws to kill holster-flip and you end up with a holster that’ll vomit your pistol into the gravel if you do anything more aggressive than the nursing home shuffle. That’s a recipe for a warning at best — a DQ at worst.


The X1 Raptor is the solution you’ve been looking for.

The Mag-Lock

The X1 Raptor Competition Holster is equipped with a 7lb magnet at the muzzle. It will keep your pistol holstered through explosive movement off the line, but it won’t slow your draw, and it completely eliminates holster-flip.

In fact, if you ask the competitive shooters who run the X1 — it’ll speed you up. That’s because the X1 Raptor doesn’t rely on traditional retention to grab your pistol. You won’t fight kydex resistance along your slide and frame on the draw-stroke. Once you defeat the magnet, it’s pure speed.

The X1 Raptor puts that ball in your court.

The magnet is secured with a Tegris bridge that spans the muzzle-end of the holster and sucks your pistol down with the power of science. 

Included with the Mag Lock system are a series of laser cut stickers that allow you to fine tune the amount of magnetism.

Competition has finally caught up to the 21st century. So should your competition holster.

The X1 Raptor is ready for today’s competitions. The USPSA has finally caught up with the times and will let you run a rail mounted light. But holster makers haven’t. Light-bearing holsters on the market today take the problems of holster flip and amplify them.

That’s because traditional holsters rely on kydex friction on the light housing itself. And the light adds a lot of surface area for the kydex to grab.

The X1 Raptor doesn’t. Aside from the length of the WML housing itself, you won’t notice the difference between a WML equipped draw, vs a naked draw from the X1 Raptor.

Protection off the line.

Optic Canopy Currently Unavailable

Get it in any color you want.

So long as it’s black on the inside.

We made the decision to limit color options for one reason: Durability. We make the X1 Raptor from .125 thickness kydex. It’s insanely thick. It’s as thick as most manufacturers’ dual-layer offerings. We wanted the X1 to take more abuse than you can.

But you can still customize your X1 Raptor. Choose washer colors and standard black finish or carbon fiber.

And now, you can add an additional layer of kydex to the outside of your X1 Raptor. Your holster can be as loud as your personality.

The best customization option?

Custom laser engraving. At no extra cost. Every X1 Raptor ships custom to you. Choose from 2-16 characters to make your holster truly your own. If you opt for Dual Layer kydex, the amount of space for engraving is substantially reduced, so the text will be smaller as a result.

Get it fast.

Not only does the X1 Raptor bring so many things to the table — but it brings it to the table at your next competition.

The X1 Raptor Competition Holster is the only competition holster on the market with less than a 1 week lead time.

So the only thing keeping this cutting edge holster from your doorstep? You.

Buy with confidence — all Carey Concealment products come with a limited lifetime guarantee.


  1. Jim Krantz

    I was excited to be involved in the testing of this holster. For the past 4 years I have used many different brands of holsters and all of them have the same problem. Clamping the trigger guard in an inconsistent method. Now with the magnetic device on the bottom of the holster, I never have to worry about the gun being stuck in the holster. Same consistent draw, every single time. The gun stays put while I am walking around the range and comes out when I need it to.
    10/10 recommend.

    GM Jim Krantz

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