Squadron PRO


The Appendix Carry System that moves with you.

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Anodized Finish Washers

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The Squadron PRO takes the comfort of our Squadron holster and mag carrier combo and upgrades the system with our unique tegris bridge. The result is an appendix carry holster that won’t shift on your belt as you go about your busy day. The killer app? It’s more comfortable than other appendix systems you’ve tried.

Most modern appendix holster systems will flex with your body in one plane of movement, which increases comfort from traditional rigid systems. But your body isn’t designed in a two-dimensional world.

The Squadron PRO’s bridge flexes with you in horizontal, vertical, and transverse planes, making it the most comfortable appendix system you’ll strap to your belt. The bridge is off your skin, which creates a “chimney” for your body heat to escape your pants — eliminating the hot spots created by other appendix rigs.


The Squadron PRO ships to you ready for every day carry on your belt. But it gives you the power to shape it to your demands.

The PRO’s bridge is precision laser cut with mounting slots that give you endless options for ride height, angle, and separation width between the holster and mag carrier. All you need is a screw driver and some creativity.


The Squadron PRO moves with you. But it won’t shift on your belt. It keeps your gun right where you need it so you won’t be caught searching when your life is on the line.

We’ve chosen Tacware polymer belt clips for the Squadron PRO. They’re rugged and snag free, giving you the edge in total concealment and no-compromise belt lockup. These belt clips are “Tuckable”, so you can dress up with the Squadron Pro without issue.


Form and function align in the Squadron PRO, giving you the best looking holster no one will ever see. Choose from a variety of holster and mag carrier colors, anodized finish washers, and your choice of belt clips to craft a holster you can admire each day before you throw it on.

The Squadron PRO. Finally an appendix holster system designed for every day — all day — concealed carry.


Buy with confidence — all Carey Concealment products come with a limited lifetime guarantee.


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