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More ammo is always better. Whether you’re carrying for competition, practice on the range, or as part of your EDC loadout, we’ve got you covered with light, low profile Kydex mag carriers so you’ll always have more Gun Fuel when you need it.

The DCC Monoblock is the standard belt attachment for the Fuel Mag Carriers so you can trust your spare mags are going to stay put on your belt.

Fuel uses a unique Mag Retention Device that adjusts friction on the rear surface of your magazine rather than the sides, like most carriers, allowing you to adjust your mag draw exactly to your needs. Because of this unique system, you can also use the same Fuel Mag Carrier for nearly every Magazine in its respective class (double stack 9/40, single stack, etc).

You won’t have to spend as much on gear so you can focus your extra money on filling up your Fuel carriers with the important stuff.



The Fuel comes in 5 types:


Fuel Standard Pistol Mag Carrier —  a high-ride mag carrier designed to keep your mag secure on your belt and close to your body. You can adjust friction on the draw with the Mag Retention Device to balance the scales toward speed or security, depending on your needs.

The Standard Fuel can accept mags with rounds forward or backward so you can orient the mag for index draws or beer can style, depending on your needs for the day.

The Standard Mag Carrier has Monoblock mounting holes on both sides of the carrier, allowing you to change from Inside the waistband or Outside.

Fuel Appendix Pistol Mag Carrier — a new design that allows the user to cant the mag toward your support side and rides deeper on your belt line. The benefits are two-fold:

  • Positioning the magazine at an angle and more in line with your belt increases comfort. More comfortable carry makes it easier for you to have a back-up mag on you more often.
  • A lower ride position increases concealment and reduces the risk for printing, while still offering enough surface area on the mag to index and grip for a reload in an emergency.

Fuel Competition Pistol Mag Carrier — adjustable cant preserves your economy of motion when you’ve got to refuel against the clock. The Fuel Competition Mag Carrier has a scooped out speed-cut that gives you a generous amount of surface area to index and grip your refuel mag while still offering stability to the chassis during explosive movement between stages.

Fuel PCC Mag Carrier — allows the mag to ride deeper in the Kydex chassis to give taller pistol caliber carbine mags more support on your belt so they won’t rotate and dump when you’re hustling from stage to stage on the range.

The Fuel PCC Mag Carrier allows for rounds forward or backwards depending on your need, and a wide array of angle adjustments to align those long boi mags in just the right spot.

Fuel AR (556) Mag Carrier — a rifle mag carrier built around the standard STANAG / PMAG chassis, the Fuel AR (556) carrier is low profile and reversible so you can carry more Gun Gas “loud and proud” on the range. 


Carrier Type: Standard — Appy Pistol — Comp Pistol — PCC — AR


  1. Jon

    As someone who conceal carries everyday (as we all should) and I also change my CCW regularly. I have changed all my holsters to Carey Concealment holsters. (Full disclosure, I know the owner of Carey Concealment. I used to carry in leather holsters and using his holster has transformed me to kydex.) This mag carries has adjustment, for example if you order a double stack 9mm it will pretty much fit any double stack with adjustable retention. That being said, this is the best IWB mag carrier I have ever used.

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