Fuse – Pancake OWB Holster


The Classic, Redefined.

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The classic, redefined.

The Carey Concealment take on a time-worn classic. 

The Fuse Pancake Outside-the-Waistband Holster hugs your belt-line to provide maximum concealment when you want strong-side OWB carry.

The standard Omni Loop belt attachment lets you position the holster chassis for high- or low-ride height and cant adjustment from zero to FBI-style. The Omni Loops are much lower profile than out-dated pancake loops and keep your holster from slopping around on your belt during the busy day-to-day.

The Fuse chassis is made from two sheets of 0.080 kydex, precision cut to your pistol’s frame, resulting in the slimmest holster possible to keep your carry rig incognito. In the spirit of minimalism, the Fuse is molded with passive retention and no bulky adjustment screws, so the holster is sleek and snag-free.

Buy with confidence — all Carey Concealment products come with a limited lifetime guarantee.


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