The Mid-Drop Holster Solution

Experience the unprecedented mobility and comfort of the Carey Concealment Thigh Strap Hanger

TSH — The Solution for Your Mid-Drop Holster Woes


Over the past 20 years, you’ve had two options for your mid-drop holster platform:

  1. Holster flip on your draw stroke, thanks to the holster’s low center of gravity in relation to your belt mount.
  2. A thigh-strap to anchor the holster to your upper leg — but it inevitably bunched and pinched a pretty sensitive area.

The thigh-strap is a bandaid to the mid-drop holster’s problems. Well, welcome to 2022.

We have a solution for that.

With the TSH, you’ll have a stable, secure mount for your side arm — and unprecedented mobility and comfort.


The TSH’s unique design allows your thigh-strap to rotate with the natural movements of your leg while keeping your holster right where you mounted it. Bending, kneeling, crouching — if you need your gear to move with you, the TSH is for you.


The TSH allows much lower adjustment than others you’ll find online. Our platform has two drop levels so you can adjust your thigh-strap to fit you — instead of just dealing with the discomfort.

Standard Thigh-Strap

The TSH Difference

See For Yourself!

What do these Gunslingers have to say?

Before the TSH, I was running a full thigh platform, which kept the strap low, but also put my sidearm too low and nearly out of reach. The TSH with a middrop setup is the perfect blend of comfort and performance!
Goober Actual
I wear my plate carrier all the time, and using a mid drop holster just makes sense to get around my armor. The TSH fixed the most uncomfotable problem I had, bunching of the thigh strap, I highly recommend it!
Boogaloo Savant
I tend to swap gear frequently, but one thing I never leave out is my TSH. Whether I'm running an overt battle-belt or a dual layer setup, if there's a mid-drop, then there's a TSH.
Average Range Guy

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There are tons of ways to outfit yourself for a variety of scenarios, but very few pieces of kit make such a tremendous impact to functionality and comfort like the TSH. It’s a no-brainer, just get one, and get back to training.