The Flight - Modular Chest Rig

The Most Adjustable Micro Chest Rig on the Market

Being prepared doesn't have to mean 20lbs of gear.

It means having what you need, when you need it.

The Flight’s built-in modularity means you determine what that is.

Hiking, hunting, biking, motorsports

Convert your Flight to its Chest Holster configuration. It will get your gun off your hip to clear backpacks straps and kidney pads – and increase your mobility on a technical trail.

Getting reps in on the range

Mount mag carriers up or invert them for quicker reloads. Load your Flight with spare mags so you can hit that par time – and hit it again.

Everyday Preparedness

Just attach a spare mag, our TQ Caddy, and a flashlight to the Flight and you’ll have an ultra-fast rig to respond to any emergency situation. Toss it in your trunk and It’ll be ready when you need it.

The Flight takes yesterday's good ideas and upgrades them for today's needs.

running shot

Safety and Security in the Same Package


All Carey Concealment Flight holster shells and mag carriers are equipped with an adjustable retention screw. You can fine-tune the passive retention for your preferred draw and maintain security on your firearm or mags even if you’re on a trail tough enough to knock you on your ass.

Optics Ready - by Design

Carey Concealment holsters are optics ready. Because we understand the force multiplier an MRDS gives you, we simply don’t build holsters that aren’t optics compatible.

That holds true with the Flight. We’ve found there aren’t any downsides to having an optics cut holster on a pistol with irons-only. So we design each holster with a red dot in mind. Even if you don’t have an optics-ready pistol now, if you get one in the future, you can use the same Flight Modular Chest Rig holster shell to pack your RDS equipped pistol into the mountains.

Customizable to Fit Your Needs


A screwdriver is the only tool you need to swap out parts on the Flight. Whether you want to take it from chest rig configuration to chest holster configuration, just remove the screws, swap out the hardware, and tighten the new kit down.

That includes different holster shells. If you want to take your CZ to the range and your S&W to the mountains, all you need to do is swap out for a holster shell compatible with your new firearm. No need to buy another Flight Chest Rig.

Adjustable to You

The Flight Modular Chest Rig is the most adjustable chest holster on the market. You can adjust the straps for chest and shoulder size and rig ride height. You can adjust the passive retention to match your preferred resistance level on the draw stroke. And you can adjust the holster cant depending if you want it to ride horizontal or with the muzzle canted down or up.

You don’t have to adjust yourself to fit this chest rig. It’s designed from the ground up to fit to you.